At our premises or nearby

At home

  • Play:
    • Board games, card games
    • Ping-pong, Molkky skittles, pétanque
  • Partake in some sport:
    • Clay court tennis (available from spring, weather dependent)
    • Football (two goals are in place on a field)
  • Have some quiet time for yourself:
    • massage
    • manicure
    • Hairdressing
  • Pray-meditate:
    • A chapel in the park is available for you to use
  • Flower-picking:
    • Dandelions in February/March
    • Lily of the Valley in April/May
  • Stroll in the park and its surroundings

for business or private customers

We can organize

  • Seminars/team meetings for 14 people max including:
    • Breakfast
    • 2 breaks: one mid-morning and one in the afternoon
    • Relaxation facilities (see ‘activities’)
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Sleeping arrangements (4 rooms with two single beds), 2 rooms with one large bed, and 1 room with a 140cm bed
  • Treasure hunts

Telephone us on (+33) 06 03 51 42 56 or send us an email, to request a quotation



  • Attend mass at the Catholic church in our village at 11am on a Sunday, (our protected Saint-Georges church in Chevrières has beautiful windows dating from the 16th century): 3 Km
  • Carp fishing 4km away, at Les Étangs de l’Abbaye (record held for the largest carp in 2013). See the website
  • Savour an enjoyable dinner at the L‘Abbaye restaurant 4km away, in a beautiful rural setting See the website
  • Swim in the Compiègne municipal swimming pool, 10 mins away by car


Our advices

The Imperial City of Compiegne (18km):

  • Visit the magnificent Palace and its unmissable gardens, labelled as Remarkable Garden click here
  • Enjoy walks in l’allée des Beaux-Monts, in the Palace grounds so unique, and listen to its incredible story (after visiting the Palace and wandering in the forest, guided horse and bike rides also available)
  • Going for a walk in the forest on foot, on horseback or by bike with a guide
  • See the cloisters of the Saint Corneille Abbey and the figurine collections of the Vivenel Museum. click here

Medieval Royal City of Senlis (23 Km)

  • walk the streets and a the 12th century cathedral click here

Pierrefonds (25 Km)

  • visit this Fairy Tale Castle and wander the village streets, a resort most famous at the time of Napoléon III Click here

The ville princière of Chantilly (30 Km),

  • the mark left by the Prince de Condé still visible, with its Château set against a beautiful canvas of greenery, its French-style gardens, the château itself adorned with works of art
  • Then, the Museum of the Horse, housed in the Great Stables built in the 18th century for the Prince of Condé click here
  • You may also wish to visit the Potager des Princes, famed as a masterpiece among gardens, a historic site, also boasting a “parc animalier” click here

The Lachelle Chocolate factory grows its own cocoa beans, and covers the whole process from creation to distribution. (10 minutes’ drive)
Take your first flight at the Margny les Compiègne Flying Club (21 Km) click here
Visit the romantic ruins of the Chaalis royal Abbey and its rose garden (30 Km) click here
Asterix Theme park (32 Km)click here

Events of interest organised in the local area

Find out what’s on at the Imperial Theatre of Compiègne, famous for its excellent acoustics, “one of the best in the world” according to Carlo Maria Guiliani, as well as that of the Espace Jean Legendre Theatre. click here
Shows and events in Compiègne and the surrounding area. click here